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BAUDHAYANA (PYTHAGORAS) THEOREM (World Guru of Mathematics, Part – 9)

August 31, 2011


BAUDHAYANA (PYTHAGORAS) THEOREM                                     It was ancient Indians mathematicians who discovered Pythagoras theorem. This might come as a surprise to many, but it’s true that Pythagoras theorem was known much before Pythagoras and it was Indians who actually […]

India – World Guru of Mathematics (Part – 8)

August 30, 2011


ZERO AND INFINITY One might think that once a place-value number system came into existence then the 0 as an empty place indicator is a necessary idea, yet the Babylonians had a place-value number system without this feature for over 1000 years. Moreover there is absolutely no evidence that the Babylonians felt that there was […]


August 29, 2011


Science Of Genetics Behind The Hindu Gotra System – The Y Chromosome And The Male Lineage  The Hindu Gotra System – Male Lineage Identification The Gotra is a system which associates a person with his most ancient or root ancestor in an unbroken male lineage. For instance if a person says that he belongs to […]

India – World Guru of Mathematics (Part – 7)

August 29, 2011


TRIGNOMENTRY, GEOMETRY AND ALGORITHM Even in the area of Geometry, Indian mathematicians had their contribution. The complex origins of trigonometry are embedded in the history of the simple word “sine,” a mistranslation of an Arabic transliteration of a Sanskrit mathematical term! The complex etymology of “sine” reveals trigonometry’s roots in Babylonian, Greek, Hellenistic, Indian, and […]

India – World Guru of Mathematics (Part – 6)

August 28, 2011


ALGEBRA (BIJAGANITAM) “As for as other countries are concerned we find that in the golden time of Greece Mathematics there was no sign of Algebra with respect to modern concept of Algebra. In classical period Greece people had ability to solve tough questions of Beez Ganit (Later the name Algebra became more popular) but there […]

Lokpal Comparision……

August 24, 2011


  COMPARISION BETWEEN THE LOKPAL AND JAN LOKPAL Here I submit the disputes between the lokpal bills framed by Anna Hazare and the Indian government. This gives a clear picture about lokpal. The data produced here is from…. while the comments are mine and if you have any controversial thought please comment here. JAN LOKPAL (Anna […]

India – World Guru of Mathematics (Part – 5)

August 24, 2011


It is worth starting with a quote by Albert Einstein. He quotes “We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made.”  We now turn to the second aspect of the Indian number system, namely the fact that it was a place-value […]