Melting Friendship…

Posted on August 7, 2011


Kopperunchozhan was the most famous king of chozha kingdom. He was very brave, courageous and a wonderful poet. So he had so many friends who were poets during his period.

Pisir Andhaiyaar was the greatest Tamil poet of his time . He belonged to pandian empire and resided in a village called Pisir.

Pisiranthaiyar liked the kingdom of Kopperunchozhan by looking at his poetic contributions and respect for poets. He had became his great fan without seeing him too. He had imagined himself as the best friend of Kopperunchozhan.

One bad day, after having some difference of opinion in administration with his son, Kopperunchozhan decided to perform fasting upto his death. It was considered as a ritual in indian culture called as “vadakkiruththal”. It is the process of leaving to death by facing north for lord siva after completing all his duties.

When the cholar king sat down for the ritual facing north, all his friends could not tolerate this great seperation of his friend and decided to give up their lives too.

Hearing this news, Pisirandhaiyaar who never saw the king face before hurried to Uraiyur, to join the ritual.

On looking at pisiranthaiyar for the first time, the cholar king hugged him with tears in his eyes. They both cried of thinking about their pure friendship which pushed them to be together in the stage of death. They sat together and went to heaven.

This story is the epitome of human friendship and its surely a milestone!!!




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