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Kalaripayattu – Extinction of Indian Martial Arts, Part – III

November 27, 2011


Kalaripayattu is the ancient, holistic, physical discipline from Kerala, which combines the dynamic skills of attack / defence and the power of the secret knowledge of the body, with a scientific system of healing and therapy based on allied disciplines like Ayurveda. This oldest existing martial art form, dating back more than 2000 years is […]

Extinction of Indian Martial Arts, Part 2 [Origin of Shaolin Kung fu and Karate]

November 24, 2011


Today Kung fu and Karate are mentioned as global martial arts. They are spread all around the globe and are being practiced by everybody. These martial arts are being considered to have an Chinese and Japanese origin. But the actual history roots the origin to India. When we think of learning Martial arts our parents […]

Melting Friendship…

August 7, 2011


Kopperunchozhan was the most famous king of chozha kingdom. He was very brave, courageous and a wonderful poet. So he had so many friends who were poets during his period. Pisir Andhaiyaar was the greatest Tamil poet of his time . He belonged to pandian empire and resided in a village called Pisir. Pisiranthaiyar liked […]